Rhombus Press (established in 2016) is a growing platform and initiative by Shahrzad Kamel which acts as an extension of her artistic practice in order to work on collaborative projects with like-minded individuals.

Rhombus Press is primarily a publishing press. Artists that are invited to collaborate are given a Rhombus Press Manifesto and must stay within its boundaries. Artists working in any medium are invited.  Rhombus Press works on contemporary as well as historical projects.

Rhombus Press organizes occasional film screenings as well as small, curated exhibitions that can be viewed at Rhombus Press Studio by appointment.


Rhombus Press: A Manifesto

Collaboration with Rhombus Press can be in the form of a Book or a Box.

Rhombus Artist Books are limited to Octavo book sizes.

Foolscap Octavo: 6 ¾” x 4 ¼” (170mm x 108mm)
Crown Octavo: 7 ½” x 5” (190mm x 126mm)
Demy Octavo: 8 ¾” x 5 ½” (221mm x 142mm)
Imperial Octavo: 11” x 7 ½” (279mm x 190mm)

Rhombus Artist Books are not catalogues and should have no documentation of previous exhibitions.

The concept for the Book should be entirely about the Book.

Rhombus boxes are inspired by the Stadtisches Museum Boxes of the 1970’s.

Rhombus Artist Books can have text, no text, or be entirely text based.

Rhombus Artist Books will be produced in a limited edition, maximum 500 copies.

Once the book is sold out, there will be no subsequent printings.

Rhombus Artist Books are a collaboration between Rhombus and the artist.

The only exchanges made are in dialog, thought, and process.

Upon Completion, the artist is given a number of the Books or Boxes.

Collaboration with Rhombus Press is by invitation.


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